Physis among various initiatives aimed to recovery activities, begun the collection, transport, storage and regeneration of vegetable oils mainly from activities catering (canteens and restaurants, fast food, cafeterias, etc.. ) and craft (bakeries, caterers, food, etc...).


After frying, vegetable oil changes the structure of polymer, it tarnishs and absorbs the food waste carbonizing pollutants. To get rid of vegetable oil used could be easy, just spilled it into water drains, but this involves (besides the penalties provided by law) the pollution of our waters and desease purification plants. Proper collection and subsequent proper management, however, allow its use to produce expanded clay, printing inks, lubricants, soaps, surfactants, sealants, adhesives and biodiesel production.


Physis is registered in the C.O.N.O.E. (Mandatory National Consortium for collecting and processing animal and vegetable fats and oils drained) The collection is carried out by our own vehicles duly authorized by the 'National Register of enterprises engaged in waste management.
Treatment is aimed at the recovery of oil and it takes place in our plant of Lavoria (PISA).


The service includes everything necessary to manufacturer for proper management of their own waste:
• Delivery of containers (capacity depending on the needs of the manufacturer - 30 – 60 - 120 - 200 1.000 liters) for used vegetable oil collection;
• Delivery of a sticker to be displayed at producer’s discretion;
• Toll-free number (at the cost of a local call from anywhere in Italy) to be used for requesting the removal of full containers;
• Collection, transport and delivery to disposal / recycling of waste products by permitted vehicles;
• Compilation of transport documents (formulario); 
• Return of the fourth copy of the formulario confirming that disposal / reuse of waste happened;
• Compilation of MUD (where necessary).


In conjunction with the collection of exhausted vegetable oil Physis offers, for areas where the service is already activated, the delivery of a nice container for the recovery of corks.

For information on service activation you can send an e-mail to or call toll-free number 848-800912.