Special Waste Management


Physis is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for brokerage services.

The continuous search for alternative technologies for disposal, for the enhancement and recovery of waste (according with latest environmental regulations) allows Physis to propose innovative solutions for a more rational management of environmental issues for companies and institutions.

Physis offers to its customers, the opportunity to save money due to the reuse of waste, and  the possibility to keep the environment clear.

Physis allows the re-use of waste such: sludge from water treatment, sludge sawing marble and granite, dredging spoil, grinding sludge, solid waste from demolition wood contaminated land and foundry slag, ash from combustion, waste paper , wood, iron, ceramic materials, equipment and electrical and electronic scraps, resins and activated carbon, refractory bricks, plaster.

Physis guarantees the use of controlled carriers and disposal facilities, legally authorized and verified after careful previous audits.

Physis faces and solves environmental issues such as accidental spills, emergency response, remediation of products containing asbestos, decontamination of tanks and anything else that could be used in production plants.

Physis developed micro-collection of waste for all those categories for which the production of small quantities of waste can be a problem (dentists, laundries, pharmacists, farmers, etc ...), thanks to agreements with local facilities.